Socio-entrepreneurial Corporation

”Baikonur” Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation” National Company” Joint Stock Company (further – "Baikonur” SEC” NC” JSC) was created on January 11, 2011. "Baikonur” SEC” NC” JSC was renamed from ”Kyzylorda” Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation” National Company” Joint Stock Company by the resolution of akimat (Mayor's Office) of Kyzylorda region dated January 29, 2013. "Baikonur” SEC” JSC is regional development institute, the sole shareholder of which is the akimat (Mayor's Office) of Kyzylorda region. Activity of "Baikonur” SEC” JSC is directed to promote the development of Kyzylorda region on the basis of public - private partnership. 

Today activity of corporation is directed to create favorable conditions for development of business activity, creation of new and modernization of existing productions, attraction of investments, implementation of governmental initiatives.

Mission and Vision

Mission of of Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation to promote socio-economic development of region on the principles of partnership between government and business. 

SEC vision (Social-Entrepreneurial Corporation) - regional development institution, which is effectively managing assets, stimulating economic activity in the growing points of region, including through attraction of investments, and catalyze the formation of competitive sustainable production.


1.Creation of new and modernization of existing competitive productions in priority sectors of economy of the region (growing points).
2.Ensuring the involvement of state-owned assets in the business turnover, improvement of problem assets and development on their base of competitive productions.
3.Introduction of advanced production and administrative technologies and standards.
4.Increase in the value of assets.
5.Development of infrastructure to support business start-ups (business incubators, science and technology parks, industrial zones).
6.The development of clusters in priority sectors, as well as coordination of partnership programs for the development of SMEs around the backbone and big companies in the region.
7.Rendering of non-financial support of business within company activity.
8.Expansion of cooperation with the state institutes of development for implementation of business projects.
9.Development of communications and exchange of skills between the portfolio companies.
10.Assistance to products branding for more active promotion of products on the domestic and foreign markets.
11.Attraction to regions of domestic and foreign investors for implementation of perspective projects, including on the principles of public-private partnership.
12.Rendering to investors of assistance in implementation of projects through shared funding, participation by assets, and also receiving financing within the state and industry programs.
13.Development of regional maps of development taking into account the main specializations of regions and the formation of a list of perspective and competitive projects to attract investors.


Address: 4 Muratbayev str., Kyzylorda city, Republic of Kazakhstan
Telephone: +7 (7242) 70 10 99
Fax: +7 (7242) 70 10 99
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