Road transport and roads

Length of roads: 2,228.5 km.

An international highway running from Northern Europe to Western China passes through the entire territory of the Kyzylorda region. During the implementation of the project in the region, 817 km of roads were reconstructed and rebuilt (this is the length of this highway in the region). After the completion of the project, including parts in China and the Russian Federation, transport links between Europe and Asia should improve significantly. Through this corridor, the region is connected with the regions of the south of Kazakhstan (South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Almaty regions), in the west (Aktyubinsk, WKO). In addition, the region’s road network is connected to the Karaganda region through the Kyzylorda-Zhezkazgan highway.

In addition, the republican roads: “Kyzylorda-Zhezkazgan” and “Kyzylorda-Zhalagash-Samara-Shymkent” pass through the territory of the region. Their total length in the region is 295 km. The total length of the regional and local roads is 2,228.5 km. 218 bus routes were organized in the region, connecting 212 settlements, towns, villages (villages) with regional or regional centers.

Bus station "Saltanat"
map-icon Kyzylorda, Bokeikhan street, 64 a.
phone-icon +7(7242) 23-52-08

Railway transport

Length of roads: 1055 km.

Currently, 15 pairs of trains pass through the territory of the region, of which 9 relate to interstate communication (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation). By rail, the region connects in the west of Kazakhstan with the Aktobe region (Saksaulskaya station), with the south of Kazakhstan through the South Kazakhstan region with the city of Almaty and Almaty region (Arys station), with the center of Kazakhstan and with the Karaganda region (Koskol station). A double-track railway - transit corridor connects the region with Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as with Russia.

Railway station "Kyzylorda"
map-icon Zhanadilov St., Kyzylorda
phone-icon 8 (7242) 29-24-51

Air transport

Korkyt Ata International Airport is the international airport of the city of the same name in Kazakhstan. The airfield is capable of receiving B-757, B-747, Il-96, Tu-204, Tu-154 and more light aircraft, as well as all types of helicopters. Runway classification number (PCN) 53 / F / C / W / T. The airport serves flights of the following airlines:



Air Astana

Almaty, Nur Sultan

Bek air

Nur Sultan



Korkyt Ata International Airport
phone-icon +7 (7242) 26-23-65

Energy infrastructure and heat supply

The main producers of electric power in the region, generating capacities - GKP Kyzylordateeploelectrocentr (82%), SKZ-U LLP (10%), Crystal Management LLP (8.0%). The main types of fuel are natural gas, reserve fuel is heating oil, and associated petroleum gas.

The main source of power supply to the city is GKZ Kyzylordateeploelectroocenter (KHPP) with an installed capacity of 113 mW, including: KHPP-6 - 67 mW and a cogeneration gas-turbine power station (KOGTES) - 46 mW, as well as substation 220/35/10 kW “Kyzylorda” ". The city has developed a power supply system of 220/35 kW. Electricity distribution in the city of Kyzylorda is carried out through a number of city substations.

In the Kyzylorda region, the total length of heating networks is 199.6 km, of which 181.8 km are in the city of Kyzylorda and 17.8 km in the district center of the Kazalinsky district, Ayteke bi.

The existing heat supply system of the city of Kyzylorda is represented by a centralized heat supply system on the basis of GKP Kyzylordateeploelectrocentr (GKP KTETs) and boiler houses of the Yuzhnaya Kotelnaya branch (formerly KUTTs), as well as a decentralized heat supply system based on 17 stand-alone block modular boiler houses (ABMK), located in various areas of the city of Kyzylorda, in the village of Aiteke bi of the Kazalinsky district, district heating is provided by the state-owned enterprise “Kazaly-Temirzholzhylu”.

Water transport

In the field of water transport in the territory of the region, 4 units of river and 1,526 small-sized vessels, including 826 self-propelled and 696 non-self-propelled, were registered with legal and private economic entities.


Gasification of the region began in 2004 with the construction of the Akshabulak-Kyzylorda gas pipeline. With its laying in parallel, work was carried out to gasify the regional center.

The gas transmission system of the region consists of two main pipelines:

  • the Akshabulak-Kyzylorda gas pipeline, intended for the supply of associated gas to the city of Kyzylorda from the fields of the South Turgai Depression. The total length of the gas pipeline’s route is 123 km, the throughput is 420.0 million cubic meters. m gas per year;

  • Beineu-Bozoy-Shymkent gas pipeline, about the length of which over the territory of the region is 846 km and crosses all seven regions of the region. This makes it possible to provide natural gas to 85% of the settlements of the region.

The gas infrastructure of the region is represented by 56 gas control points (HFR, PHB), 285 cabinet gas distribution points (ShGRP, ShRP, ShP) and 265.53 km of high-pressure pipelines, 141.58 km of medium and 2113.92 km of low pressure are laid. The total length of gas pipelines in the region amounted to 2609.4 km.

Tariffs for industrial and communal services

Name of the service



DTOO Energoservice (Kyzylorda city) for individuals: per 1 kW / hour - 15.44 tenge

DTOO Energoservice (Kyzylorda city) for legal entities: for 1 kW / hour - 18.17 tenge

Shieli Zharygy LLP for individuals: for 1 kW / hour - 17.07 tenge

Shieli Zharygy LLP for legal entitie: for 1 kW / hour - 18.46 tenge

LLP "Dauletenergo" for individuals: for 1 kW / hour - 17.73 tenge

LLP "Dauletenergo" for legal entities: for 1 kW / hour - 18.59 tenge

Thermal energy

for individuals: 1 Gcal - 2834.82 tenge

for legal entities: 1 Gcal - 4699.58 tenge (without metering device) 1 Gcal - 2876.75 tenge (with metering devices)

Garbage collection

for individuals: for 1 m3 - 149.00 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 m3 - 155.37 tenge


for individuals: for 1 m3 - 47.31 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 m3 - 143.38 tenge


for individuals: for 1 m3 - 20.90 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 m3 - 21.18 tenge

Water disposal

for individuals: per 1 m3 - 53.66 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 m3 - 155.37 tenge

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